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What we do:

      • Family Education meetings monthly, with speaker


      • Support Group meetings monthly, in two locations


      • Family-to-Family 12-week course facilitated by trained family members at least twice yearly, in Amherst, Niagara Falls, and other locations.


      • Collaborate with Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) partners training for law enforcement professionals.


      • Quarterly newsletter for members, communicating advances in mental health, legislation pertaining to mental health issues, and current events.


      • Phone committee which answers phone and email inquiries, assisting with information pertaining to mental health needs of community members and families.


      • Communicate and collaborate with legislators about mental health issues.


      • The Mind Matters publication, a practical guide to professional services in Erie and Niagara County, for use by families and professionals addressing the needs of people with serious mental illness.


      • NAMI Homefront program, a six week program facilitated by trained family members of veterans, for families of veterans affected by major health conditions


      • Collaborate with community agencies and hospitals to improve treatment for mental illness.


      • Provide speakers for inservices, informational meetings, and seminars in the community to educate about mental illness and eradicate the stigma of mental illness (as volunteers are available).


      • "Christmas is for Kids" project, which provides gifts for several hundred children and adolescents in mental health treatment and care facilities. 


      • Maintain a circulating library of books, videos and DVDs on topics related to mental illness, for members.